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Airport Intelligence Platform

Empowering staff to manage their revenue, safety and security programs, airport operations, and key resources, seamlessly to improve airport management and compliance.

Airport Business & Revenue Manager

Helps manage and generate revenue by controlling lease activity, real property, and asset portfolios.

Airport Project Manager

Helps plan, manage, and report on long-range capital projects.

Safety Management System

Airport Safety & Operations Compliance System

Empowers staff to manage assets, compliance, and airport operations.

Empowers airport staff to report and mitigate safety issues before they become costly

Gate Manager

A collaborative gate utilization planning solution that helps airports operate at peak efficiency

Secure Credentials

All-in-One, Configurable, Off-the-Shelf Package (Software and Hardware)


Consolidates identity management and seamlessly manages background checks, biometric data, badging, continuous vetting, and auditing.

Situational Awareness

A real-time incident management application


Combines safety, security, and operational activities into one common view, organizes and analyzes all data sources, and offers real-time management to reduce costs, and increase efficiency.


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