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We Know the Airport Business. We Connect the Dots.

Our civil aviation services help the Federal Aviation Administration and state aviation departments improve the flow of airport facility and activity information to the public.

A Trusted FAA Partner

Working with the FAA, TADERA manages the entire airport data and information program, encompassing over 20,000 public and private use airports in 9 FAA regions, 12 U.S. territories, and all 50 states.

Automating Airport Data Reporting

Since 2001, TADERA has worked with the FAA’s Office of Airports to develop applications that allow federal and state airport inspectors to safely transmit inspection data. The processes and methods developed by TADERA have been used successfully by all State Aeronautics Department Inspectors and FAA personnel throughout the United States for over 20 years, making the program the most used, effective, accurate, and efficient way of updating the Airport Master Record Data Information.

  • FAA Part 139 inspectors use TADERA technology and training services to manage inspections and compliance for air carrier airports

  • Our Based Aircraft application is used by airport operators to manage fleets, and includes reporting and reconciliation features that help the FAA manage national trends

Inspector Training

Working with the FAA's Office of Airports, our teams train inspectors on the latest in online reporting and compliance.

Data Analysis

Our teams help the FAA leverage data collected on their behalf and from other federal entities to look for patterns and practices that can be used for strategic assessment.


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