For over 40 years, TADERA (a DBA name of GCR, Inc.) has provided innovative solutions that improve the safety and fiscal position of airports. Our solutions have helped airports solve some of their most complex problems, as well as manage day to day operations, security, and revenue programs.

Our staff includes former airport leaders, as well as subject matter experts in security, accounting, safety, human resources, and more. Our broad expertise allows us to create solutions that stem from a deep understanding of the challenges airport staff face every day, as well as integrated technology that cuts across domains.

And we are passionate about our customers’ success. We value our customer relationships and continuously look to deliver innovative solutions that helps airports provide world class facilities for the movement of passengers. Our solutions are trusted by over 100 airports worldwide and we have developed long-standing professional relationships with numerous aviation organizations, including the FAA and over 100 airports and state aeronautics departments.

In 2023, TADERA (GCR, Inc.) was acquired by Modaxo – a global collection of technology companies focused on moving the world’s people. We share Modaxo’s philosophy of moving people in all forms and getting people to the places they need to go and want to be. Modaxo is a great home for our team and customers, helping to make the air transportation experience safer, more efficient, and more accessible.

Why We Exist:

To provide integrated technology that improves the safety and fiscal position of airports.

Our Vision:

To enable the safe and efficient movement of passengers and cargo

Our Mission:

To empower staff to do more with less while operating world-class airport facilities.

What We Believe:

  • Every airport plays a role in safeguarding the national transportation system and enhancing the economy of their region.
  • Our software improves the safety, efficiency, and fiscal position of airports.
  • Efficiencies are gained when organizations implement technology that empowers staff and enables them to collaborate within their ecosystem.

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“The TADERA team brings an incredible amount of domain experience within the aviation and airport space, as they have worked in and supported every sector of airport management.”

Rod Jones, Head of Americas, Modaxo