TADERA Implements a Statewide Identity Management System at Alaska Airports

Because approximately 82% of Alaskan communities are not served by roads, aviation is a basic mode of transportation and touches nearly every aspect of life across the state. The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (DOT&PF) owns 249 airports, and the Division of Statewide Aviation prepares policies, procedures, and programs to develop, construct, operate, and manage these public airports.

Seventeen of these DOT&PF operated airports must meet the requirements outlined in TSA regulation 49 CFR Part 1542 for airport security, including personnel identification systems. These airports were using a system that no longer met the needs of the State of Alaska. TADERA is working with DOT&PF to implement an Identity Management System to bring these airports up to date with a new credentialing. DOT&PF’s initial goal was to implement a credentialing and identity management system that complied with all TSA regulations, both existing and prospective, and that integrated to all 17 airports. The next step would be to implement a complete, comprehensive solution that was capable of:

  • Automating a large percentage of existing processes
  • Automating alerts and bulleting to enforce policy procedures to prevent data entry error and policy violations
  • Integrating with computer-based training systems, Livescan systems, and physical access control systems (PACS)
  • Facilitating statewide information sharing of IDMS data that included, but was not limited to, information and records related to companies, badge holders, security violations, training records, and background check vetting that will increase TSA regulatory compliance and efficiencies.

Combining Security and Operations for an Integrated Solution

TADERA’s solution combines AirportIQ Secure Credentials (ASC) modules with core biometric identity management and credentialing components and AirportIQ Safety and Operations Compliance System (ASOCS). ASOCS provides the operations, audit, dashboard and mobile capability, along with the added benefit of Part 139 compliance for each airport. The resulting solution addresses all the current Statewide Identity Management System (IDMS) requirements while laying the foundation for the expanded use of other biometric identity management capabilities in the future.

ASC is a single application that seamlessly integrates all badge office functionality and processes to present a consistent, robust, feature-rich work environment for the security badge staff. TADERA also provides the authorized signer’s self-service website, which helps to reduce the work required of the badge office staff.

ASC provides data, information and reporting to internal and external stakeholders, and easily interfaces with the future access control system and with external systems, agencies, and service providers, such as the TSC, TSA, and others. ASC provides a software product with high levels of stability and data/information security and includes the following functionality:

  • Company Self-Service/Authorized Signer Web Application
  • Biometric Capture
  • Identity Management
  • Card Issuance and Management
  • Company and Employee Validation
  • Payment Processing
  • Reporting

The State data center in Anchorage hosts our ASC platform and centralized database. Each airport has workstations with full functionality that integrate with the peripheral equipment in place. When connectivity is temporarily unavailable, the system uses a store and forward methodology. This provides exceptional service to the State DOT&PF and to each individual airport in meeting the capability to run applicants through the full badging lifecycle.

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