Professional Information Technology Services Partnership with the Houston Airport System

TADERA is a strategic partner of the Houston Airport System (HAS), and has provided comprehensive “on-call” Professional Information Technology Services to HAS over a number of years. These services include planning and studies; application development and hosting; design services; and program/project management. TADERA has acted as “principal/lead” IT Consultant, responsible for assisting IT management in the overall coordination and timely completion, from a program/project management oversight perspective, of all information technology initiatives.

TADERA also provides project management oversight and completion of application and technology design, development, and integration projects. TADERA assists HAS IT staff in the day-to-day planning, development, administration, and support of the HAS applications portfolio; conducting various studies and capturing business processes; and defining general requirements for application development, implementation or migration efforts. Some of the projects in which TADERA has been involved include:

Capital Program Management System Review and Gap Analysis

TADERA validated the enterprise interfaces of a recently installed Capital Program Management System (CPMS), making sure the appropriate functionality was being performed for each software component. We worked to ensure that the original business requirements were met and that the system architecture and interfaces were designed as efficiently as possible for the long-term operational support of the product. Because the CPMS has many touch points within the HAS enterprise, it was key that the enterprise architecture roadmap was aligned with the original intent of the new system functionality.

TADERA conducted a collaborative review and gap analysis of CPMS and the enterprise interfaces to validate that the project objectives had been achieved and that the new system would operate efficiently.

Computer Aided Dispatch System

This engagement provides the Houston Airport System (HAS) with requirements for a computer aided dispatch system (CAD), quick industry peer review on existing CAD systems, and a scope of work for all project phases leading to the selection and implementation of a new system. The project includes these three phases: Phase 1: Requirements, Phase 2: Procure Selected System, and Phase 3: Implement Selected System.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & GIS Project Discovery

This project provided the Houston Airport System (HAS) with steps to migrate drawings and other documents from the existing Digital Document Management System (DDMS) to the preferred Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System OnBase from Hyland Software. It involved conducting a business analysis to discover how HAS drawings and other content were being stored and archived on the DDMS, and how this content was being used; and matching the content workflow to the capabilities of the OnBase RMS. The goal was to consolidate HAS systems while simultaneously gaining efficiency.

SharePoint 2013 Migration - Analysis and Planning

TADERA determined the current state and requirements of each SharePoint site across the Houston Airport System, (200 users and 50 sites), and then established a migration plan to SharePoint 2013 for each. This also included providing customized branding based on requirements identified for each business unit (site).

Badge Access System Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) Clearance Code Preliminary Design

In accordance with HAS policies and Federal regulations, all airport workers must have an identification badge issued by the HAS when working on airport property. Currently, badge access is determined by “clearances” which are logical groupings of door readers. A badge holder acquires the default clearances fromHAS Kiosk their company and may be granted additional “custom” clearances based on accessibility requirements. In the future, HAS will need to provide limited access to the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). To provide customized access, the data in the database needs to be logically partitioned to allow for flexibility in managing operator permissions.

TADERA is working with the HAS Technical Team to design the process and write the SQL scripts needed to process the clearances and re-assign badge access with the new clearances.

Customer Relations Management System (CRM)

Customer relations at HAS are handled via manual processes such as surveys and customer response cards, and the airport currently uses several disparate systems to capture customer issues. HAS would like to develop a system to unify stakeholders and provide airport management with reliable data and statistics. TADERA has completed the first phase of this project, gathering and defining the requirements, and is working on procuring the solution.

Applications Portfolio Effectiveness Review (APER):

TADERA and the HAS technology team are partnering on an enterprise-wide program of architectural review and transformation. Their objective is to retire aging and low-value applications, modernize aging but high-value applications, eliminate redundant applications, standardize applications, and consolidate applications when possible. This review includes defining enterprise-wide architecture principles and standards, capturing an inventory of all applications and the underlying technology currently in use, and “mapping” applications to either business capabilities or processes within the business architecture to identify redundancy and gaps. When the analysis is complete, HAS will be able to recommend actions for each application.


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