Take Control of Your Capital Program with TADERA’s AirportIQ Project Manager

AirportIQ Project Manager delivers powerful tools to help airports plan, manage, track, report, and control capital development programs, keeping you in charge and in control. APM was designed to increase the effectiveness of an airport’s project management processes and decrease the repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with capital improvement programs. APM provides staff members with access to all construction and professional service contracts, including budgets, funding sources, schedules, change orders, amendments, and other critical project status. serving as your framework for total project management.

Management of Federal Funds

Through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Management Module, track the completion of state, local, and federal grant applications as you work to secure money for your project. Use information from within the APM system to complete forms specific to FEMA, the FAA, and other funding sources.

Once funds are awarded, APM allows airport leaders to connect projects to different funding sources, track all expenses (including capital purchases, equipment expenses, and staff time allocations for different projects) to draw down against various grants, complete reports for the FAA and other regulatory agencies. When the project is complete, generate the project closeout letter through APM, using information already in the system.

APM Makes Project Management Easier Than Ever

APM can serve as a single hub for reporting and communication. Data can be shared from a single source for planning, facilities and accounting departments, allowing you to manage multiple projects at individual airports or at multiple facilities across an airport system. Because the system contains data that’s relevant to many teams across an organization (including design and construction managers, contract managers, accounting, etc.), airport leaders and other key stakeholders can have full visibility into any project at any time.

With the Project Budgets and Cashflow Module, planning budgets, detailed construction budgets, project schedules, and multi-project cash requirements are all brought together in a user-friendly interface. The Contract Management Module provides staff members access to all construction and professional service contracts, including change orders, amendments, retainage requirements, and contract status. Once a project is finalized, changes to funding (including funding sources and funding amounts) can only be made by authorized users.

APM allows users to create project-specific schedules and checklists so the completion of one task triggers another. As projects progress, our alerts and reminders help you keep projects on schedule, within budget, and fully funded. Within the checklists and project schedules, airports can alsotrack key milestones, including funding deadlines and payment timelines.


APM can integrate with an airport’s existing general ledger and accounting software, while utilizing features tailor-made with the capital accountant in mind. These features include audit trails, payment revisions, and journal entries. APM creates templates for invoice approval and payment processing, so that airports can pay contractors and draw down grant funds.
APM also has features to help manage an airport’s DBE program. Staff can set goals, allocate payments (or percentage of payment) to the respective DBE firm, as well as track and report on compliance.

The Forms and Reports You Need, Whenever You Need Them

Never create a standard form or report again; APM includes numerous built-in forms from the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration that detail everything your planners, engineers, accountants, managers, and board members need to know. 
Once the information is collected, APM does more than just complete necessary paperwork. It includes numerous standard reports that detail everything that planners, engineers, accountants, managers, and Board Members need to know. Reports can then be exported to text files, Microsoft Excel, Word, project, and Access. With APM’s query builder, airport leaders can also create customized reports, and allows for the creation of custom reports to meet the needs of state transit agencies or an airport or system’s internal requirements.

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