Achieve Compliance and Data Integrity with Streamlined Identity Management

Nothing is more important than the security of an airport. And yet, few things are more time-consuming and manual than vetting every single person who comes through the doors. To increase security in an airport environment, the AirportIQ Security module consolidates identity management into a single platform, managing everything from background checks to biometric data, badging, continuous vetting, and auditing. It includes:

  • IDMS: An enterprise solution simplifying identity management and badging through integration, automation, and accessibility.
  • Kiosk: An optional self-service kiosk automates and streamlines the entire badging process.
  • Automated Document Verification:  Our software automatically performs 10-50 authentication tests to determine if the documents presented are valid.
  • Optional Access Card: A biometric smart card for fast, affordable two-factor authentication access control.
  • DAC Integration: A cost-effective integrated aviation background check service that streamlines and expedites the badging process. 

Improve Customer Service and Achieve Paperless Record Management

AirportIQ Security takes a multi-step, often manual process and turns it into one point of entry. The system captures and transmits fingerprints and other biometric information electronically, sends all data to the DAC at once, requests appropriate backgroundBiometric 1 checks, and sends notifications once results are received.

Information is then stored in a centralized, real-time database, so airport staff don’t need to re-enter the same information in multiple places. Access data is pre-loaded and critical information is associated with each record, minimizing data entry requirements and decreasing entry errors. Access rights are also inherited by role-based setup, so that users can only see the data intended for them. This results in a paperless process, reducing manual data entry and human errors.

Comply With TSA Regulations and Security Directives

TADERA is a longstanding partner of both the FAA and TSA, which helps us ensure that our products remain compliant as regulations evolve. AirportIQ Security performs audits according to TSA regulations, and ourBiometric 2 reporting module provides over 40 out-of-the-box reports focused on TSA regulations and compliance. In addition, TADERA is working with TSA to streamline badging processes through additional security authentication measures that leverage our AirportIQ technology. Our badging workflow utilizes configurable business rules to ensure a smooth process for badge applicants, badge holders, and Authorized Signatories.

Gain Actionable Insights With Business Intelligence Tools

AirportIQ Security can integrate with a broad range of external software systems. The data integration between TADERA’s security and finance channels provides seamless real-time and batch data movement, while maintaining data consistency and data integrity. Fees associated with violations, lost badges, and point-of-sale transactions can be processed in the Security channel, and instantly posted to the Business channel for invoicing, processing, and payment. Invoices can be generated and posted automatically against payments received, further streamlining financial reconciliation processes.

Self-Service Kiosk Automates and Streamlines the Badging Process

TADERA has been recognized as one of the most inventive and innovative IDMS manufacturers in the business, as exhibited by our optional, one-of-a-kind badging kiosk and our 


optional two-factor biometric authentication access card offering. Our kiosk replaces the workstation and peripheral hardware and automates the entire badging process by allowing airport staff to easily capture biometric information. This simplifies the hiring process for concessionaires and other airport staff, making self-service easy for badge applicants, badge holders, Authorized Signatories and Trusted Agents. It has been proven to cut badge processing time by 70% and Trusted Agent staff administrative tasks by 50%. The result is a more efficient airport and more accurate data collection – helping airports do more with less. It reduces friction and minimizes the administrative burden on airport operations personnel.

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