Jeff Hamel, Vice President of Product Management and Professional Services

Jeff Hamel, Vice President of Professional Services, is a dynamic and results-oriented executive with a proven track record of driving product and project success. He is a strategic leader for the TADERA Professional Services department overseeing the Implementation Consultants and Project Management Office, supporting more than 100 airports and transportation agencies. Jeff is skilled in building strong relationships and fostering collaboration and innovation.

With more than 25 years of experience in information technology, Jeff is a skilled leader performing a variety of business and technology management, analytical studies, and methods of performance improvement to facilitate the processes of building, marketing, and managing strategic solutions that connect customers, employees, and stakeholders with an end goal of financial and resource success.

Jeff has extensive experience conducting statistical analysis and strategic consulting guidance on a variety of informatics using big data query tools, modeling, and benchmarking. He is a skilled architect in the design and development of web portals and content management solutions as well as requirements gathering and documentation for web development projects. Jeff is responsible for audit oversight, project compliance, PQRS algorithms, and project management capabilities.

Key responsibilities and accomplishments include:

  • Serving as the program and project manager for the implementation of TADERA’s Airport Safety Management System (SMS) for the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)
  • Serving as the program manager for TADERA's AirportIQ Safety and Operations Compliance System (ASOCS) for more than 60 US Airports, including Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Nashville International Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Airport.


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