Matt Batina, Product Director, Airport Operations Applications

Matt has twelve years of experience in the IT industry and nine years of experience working with airports to implement TADERA’s software for airport operations and safety. He has in-depth knowledge of FAA Part 139 Rulemaking/External SMS, Internal SMS (5200.11/SRM), and airport operations and safety compliance systems and reporting requirements. Throughout his 12 years of experience providing GIS services and mapping, he has worked with clients to ensure their GIS data is available in the TADERA applications.

Matt is a product leader, performing product management work, and leads workshops with clients to align stakeholders and gather requirements for business processes as well as new features for the AirportIQ platform. He is working on a pilot project for FAA Safety Data Analysis with the FAA Office of Airports Safety and Standards (AAS). He has previously worked with this FAA office at TADERA to develop the FAA Inspector mobile app and enhancements to the Certification Compliance Management Information System (CCMIS), the system of record designed and built by TADERA, and used by FAA inspectors to manage the inspection and compliance process at over 500 Part 139 airports.

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