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Empowering staff to manage their revenue, safety and security programs, airport operations, and key resources, seamlessly to improve airport management and compliance.


The AirportIQ Platform


TADERA's AirportIQ Platform allows you to manage all of an airport's business, security, and operations functions, including property and commercial management, revenue generation and management, operations and safety compliance, and security and credentialing. By connecting key data and functions across departments, as well as from external or third-party systems, AirportIQ provides a holistic view of the entire airport, transforming data existing in siloed systems into meaningful information and actionable intelligence.

Integrated technology that improves the safety and fiscal position of Airports


A full picture of your property and revenue managment

Each airport is a business with a similar problem: how to track and manage complex systems of property management, contracts, lease terms, billing, receivable and reporting. TADERA’s finance tools help airports and systems of airports manage property and revenue, as well as capital improvement programs.

Finance Products:

Integrated and automated solutions to keep your airport safe

TADERA’s AirportIQ Secure Credentials solution manages biometric credentialing, badging, continuous vetting, auditing, access management, and helps meet TSA security directives, while providing a fully integrated credentialing solution for your airport.

Security Products:



Inspections, safety management, and compliance in one platform

TADERA’s operations solutions offer comprehensive inspection and safety tools to manage assets, compliance, and records; report and mitigate safety issues; and collaborate and develop optimal gate utilization.

Operations Products:

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“The TADERA team brings an incredible amount of domain experience within the aviation and airport space, as they have worked in and supported every sector of airport management.”

Rod Jones, Head of Americas, Modaxo