Manage Inspections, Operations, and Compliance Through A Unified Platform

The Safety and Compliance module is a comprehensive operations and safety management tool that allows operations, maintenance, and safety staff to submit, process, and analyze inspection and safety reports. The Safety and Compliance module offers a new look and feel, dramatically enhanced user experience, a mobile companion, an integrated safety management module, and more.

A Comprehensive Tool to Meet FTA Requirements

Operations and maintenance staff use the Safety and Compliance module to complete FAR Part 139 inspections and corrective work orders. The calendar function allows inspection tasks to be assigned to specific shifts and individuals for completion and follow-up.

Within the Safety and Compliance Module, staff can conduct inspections from the field and attach scanned documents and digital photos to each inspection, service request and discrepancy reported. The GIS integration allows inspection staff to map issues on the property. The module also allows leaders to report inspection activities to both internal users and external agencies, including state transit authorities and the FTA.

Create Work Orders Based On Inspection Results

When discrepancies arise during inspections or safety reviews, the Safety and Compliance module allows for the seamless creation of corrective work orders. With carryover capability, details from an inspection or safety issue can transition seamlessly into a work order.

The application generates automatic email alerts notifying users when new service requests or work orders are created, and maintains an online history of daily inspections, corrective work orders, and follow-ups. Operations leaders can keep track of work orders can be tracked to completion without leaving the platform, allowing you to follow up on work orders that haven’t been addressed, and close the loop on hazards with an end to end operational/event log reporting, SMS, and work order solution. The Safety and Compliance module also integrates with enterprise asset management systems such as Maximo and Trapeze.

Map Safety and Inspection Issues with GIS

The Safety and Compliance module integrates with GIS software so that issues can be associated with a specific location. For example, wildlife inspections matched to GIS locations can be used to provide heat maps of animal densities; or various inspection and safety issues can be matched to specific locations, allowing staff to identify trends from the GIS map using filters and search tools.

Log Inspection Reports From Anywhere With Mobile Companion

With the Mobile Companion, users can complete inspections, create work orders, and report potential safety hazards from the field on a mobile device. Users can also view inspections and operational records from Mobile Companion. Inspection and maintenance staff can quickly determine their workload and respond to the tasks that have been assigned to them using Mobile Companion, as well as other events across the system, allowing them to better manage their day and minimize disruptions.

Get The Information You Need With Form and Workflow Builders

While transit systems need to collect standard data to meet regulatory requirements, there is also specific information that transit systems need to gather for their own internal processes, state and local regulations, and more. The Safety and Compliance module includes several standard forms, and through our custom Forms Designer, transit system staff can create and maintain as many forms as desired and make revisions and additions as needed within minutes. In addition, the Workflow Builder will allow users to create custom workflows, routing items for approval and signature.

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