A 360-degree view of your property in a single platform

Each public agency is a business with a similar problem: how to track and manage complex systems of property management, contracts, lease terms, billings, receivables and reporting. PBRM simplifies the complexity by bringing together property and lease management, tenant relations, billing, and revenue controls under a single, comprehensive platform.

Across the country, cities, states, and other public agencies use PBRM to manage all types of leases, including office, industrial, flex, and retail. With PBRM, you can track tenant relationships, manage billing and invoicing, and determine what is owed within a singular software tool. The inclusion of both finance and property modules allows for real-time visibility of changes in agreement terms that impact financial projections. By bridging the gap between these two critical but related functions, airports can maximize property performance and revenue.

Simplify Leasing and Strengthen Tenant Relationships with Property Management Modules

Lease management module: A single place for property managers to track the terms leases, including office, industrial, flex, and retail. Within the module, users can keep track of lease details and amendments, billing rates and rules, insurance information, and tenant contact information. Through the lease management module, users can also create alerts and to-do lists of tasks that need to occur during the life of a lease, such as approving rate changes, agreement expiration dates, insurance expiration dates, and more.

Space management module: Property managers can track and map spaces and parcels at agency-owned facilities, and link airport spaces to tenant agreements. PBRM can also track information on construction activities associated with each space, including construction dates and description of modification, and users can create reports on attributes such as occupancy, vacant spaces, revenue per space, space per agreement, the history of each space, and more.

Tenant portal: Tenants can access invoices and make payments online through our integrated payment processor. Payments are automatically recorded in the accounts receivable module. The tenant portal also includes a letter manager that allows property staff to easily create and send mass communication to tenants.

Manage Revenue in Real Time with Financial Management Modules

Billing and invoice manager: Simplifies the creation of monthly bills across all properties, handling challenging terms including minimum annual guarantees (MAGS), CPIs, fixed rent escalations, ceilings, floors and more. It is fully integrated with the lease management and customer management modules, as well as with your accounting software, so that information only needs to be entered once – saving staff time and reducing the risk of user error.

Utilities billing module: facilitates the metering and billing of utilities, so that costs can be allocated to tenants. It is integrated with other PBRM modules so that utilities can be included in regular billing and invoices. Tenants can then access invoices and make payments online through the

Tenant portal: Simplify tenant relations by allowing tenants to access invoices and make payments online.

Accounts receivable manager: A one-stop manager for recording cash receipts for invoice payments, advance payments from tenants, or any miscellaneous type of cash receipt. In addition, our GASB 87 module collects data from each lease to track data that is subject to GASB 87 compliance.

PBRM also includes property-focused modules, so that when agreement terms change and impact financial projections, finance leaders can be updated in real time.

Build a Comprehensive Tool with External System Integration

The inclusion of PBRM’s finance-focused modules, including Billing and Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Utilities Billing, and GASB 87, ensure that when agreement terms change, the finance team is updated in real time.

PBRM integrates programs such as Oracle ERP General Ledger, Tyler Munis, JD Edwards E1, MS Dynamics GP, New World, and PeopleSoft into one comprehensive solution. These integrations have helped clients gain true visibility and establish a single source of truth while reducing manual efforts to gather and reconcile financial data.

PBRM houses the transaction details while your general ledger maintains the summary-level data. PBRM contains sub-ledger transaction details that enable insightful aeronautic and non- aeronautic analysis. PBRM’s tight integrations tackle the underlying issue of disparate, inconsistent data.

Gain Actionable Insights with Business Intelligence Tools

PBRM’s business intelligence tools allow users to mine data from both PBRM and external data sources, delivering actionable and easily understandable insights in graphs and charts. The reporting tools allow users to tailor reports in a format most useful to their role. In addition, staff can access data from virtually all systems to provide meaningful analytics on operations.


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